Autos At Invoice Guarantee:

When you use Autos At Invoice to purchase a new vehicle, we ensure that you are paired with a trusted dealer who will follow our process and treat you with respect. Our partner dealers have agreed to follow a process that ensures complete transparency and eliminates the elements of the car-buying experience that detour most of us from shopping for a car.

Autos At Invoice does not sell your information to multiple dealers

Unlike most research sites, Autos At Invoice does not sell your contact information to multiple dealers. If you have spent any time shopping online, you have stumbled onto one of these sites that "recommends" that you receive multiple quotes from dealers. They say this because they get paid by every car dealership you receive a quote from. When you submit a request for an Autos At Invoice Guarantee Certificate, you will not receive unwanted phone calls, text messages and emails.  

No Games, No Hassle

When you use Autos At Invoice to purchase a new vehicle, you will meet with a designated Autos At Invoice Representative to select a vehicle and discuss the details of your purchase. Our partner dealers have agreed to our pricing structure so there is nothing left to negotiate once you find the car you want to own. This eliminates the high pressure tactics and the back and forth with the sales manager. 

You will see the factory invoice 

Pick a car, any car. It doesn't matter. Our partner dealer will show you the factory invoice to any vehicle in their available inventory. Your purchase price will not be higher than the factory invoice price. This ensures a transparent process and that you get a great deal on the car you want. You may elect to purchase additional accessories or services from the dealer as well if you choose.

You will not be asked to pay more than the dealer's invoice price

 Your price is easily calculated and verified from our website. Pricing for additional options or accessories may impact the overall cost of a new vehicle. We disclose the auto manufacturer's invoice price for almost every make and model on the market including all available options, so you have all the information you need to make an educated decision about which new vehicle you want to own. This eliminates the negotiation process with the dealership and allows you to focus on finding the car, truck or suv with the right options and equipment, instead of arguing with a salesperson about how much you should pay for it. 


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