Why Use Autos At Invoice?

Most of the automotive shopping sites out there are merely sales lead generators for automotive dealers. The moment you submit your request, your information is sold to multiple dealerships instantly. That's when the never-ending stream of phone calls and emails begins. When you submit a certificate request to us, we select our nearest partner dealer and set you up with an exclusive Autos At Invoice representative who will help you through the process from start to finish. We have already negotiated the pricing as well as the sales process. Our exclusive network of partner dealers have agreed to give you an experience that you won't receive anywhere else. No Games, No Hassle, No Negotiating.

 We surveyed a group of consumers and found that an overwelming number of people just wanted a way to purchase a new vehicle without going through the typical dealership sales process. Most people want to have fun when they purchase a new vehicle but for most people, buying a new car, truck or suv is more frustrating than anything. Most of the people surveyed stated that if they could eliminate one element from the vehicle-purchase process, it would be the stereotypical dealership experience. That's where we come in. 

Autos At Invoice Purchase Process

The Autos At Invoice Purchase Process is a completely unique experience that provides the consumer with guaranteed transparency and full discloser with a trusted automotive dealer. When you participate in our purchase program, we guarantee that you will never deal with a salesperson. You will meet with a designated Autos At Invoice representative that will show you the real manufacturer's invoice to any vehicle in their inventory. We also offer real time, regional incentive and rebate information for most makes and models on our website to help you compare the manufacturer's programs before you ever set foot in a dealership.

Autos At Invoice has negotiated the best and most consistent pricing available anywhere. We guarantee that you won't pay a penny over invoice price on any make of new vehicle, car, pickup truck, van and suv. You will have exclusive access to a participating dealer who will set an appointment with a dedicated Autos At Invoice Representative, not a salesperson, that will handle the entire transaction from vehicle selection to delivery. Autos At Invoice does not send your information to multiple dealers. We work with a select group franchise auto dealers that have agreed to provide our customers with a no-hassle experience every time. We have negotiated a sale price not to exceed the manufacturer's invoice price on any and every new vehicle in the dealers avalable inventory. Full disclosure and transparency is guaranteed! Our dealer partners will show you the real manufacturer's invoice price on the new vehicle you choose, as well as a breakdown of all available rebates, incentives and financing programs. Because we have already negotiated the pricing for our customers, there will be nothing left to negotiate once you find the vehicle you want to own.